Sunday, January 6, 2008

One Must Have Loyal Workers

My apologies, this post is a little long (and probably boring).

Strange title, I know. I'm not really sure why I named it that, but oh well. Anyway, would you like good news or bad first? Bad? Save the best for last? Ok, bad. Well, about last Monday or Sunday, I was cleaning the stall, minding my own business. Actually, I had already cleaned, and I was just sweeping the back area of the stall where Daisy eats, and, just as I was sweeping, I patted the broom an to the ground to get rid of dust and *Smack*, it broke in half! JUST LIKE THAT! It ditched me, took it's last breath, and died, leaving me with an unbalanced broom, and a new water bucket cleaning brush. He was a loyal worker, 'till he decided to die out on me.
The second passing on of life was Daisy's fault. See, on November 28 (according to our receipt) we bought a big, 16 gallon water trough, that you could plug into the wall to keep the water in it from freezing. It worked well until last Monday or Tuesday, when Daisy just HAD to itch her big behind on the rim of it, and SOMEHOW, I don't know how, she got her entire hoof into it, and made a big hole in it, breaking it forever. All I can say is, "Good going, Daisy". Really, it wasn't very good, because the bucket had not been cheap. We tried to return it at Country Max, but they wouldn't take it. SO, I got a regular, 5 gallon to hang on the wall, same thing as before, but smaller, and cheaper. I'm happy with it, because I like that it hangs on the wall ;-). So, that's my new loyal worker, replacing the old one.
Next worker, and probably the most important one: Mr. Michael Wheelbarrow. Yes, I named my wheelbarrow. One can get a little bored while cleaning a stall, so I decided to name him Michael (nothing to do with my brother, Michael). It is a very skilled wheelbarrow. It can carry two bales of hay at a time, three, sometimes four, bags of shavings, manure (that's a humble thing to do, I have to say), salt blocks, and bags of feed, plus more, I'm sure. It's a very loyal wheelbarrow.
THEN there's my pitchfork and shovel, also very important.
I put the bag of shavings up just for fun. That is the not so loyal bag of shavings. You see, we get our shavings at Country Max (as everything else) and they sell two brands: the brand pictured, and a clear plastic bagged one. The one in the picture is the bad one, because, at least, when I used it in the summer, it was REALLY dusty! It got the ENTIRE stall in a huge cloud of dust, and it wasn't even worth it, because it isn't very absorbent. The clear bag kind is better, because there's no dust, and it absorbs well, and smells good.
So, those are my workers, loyal and not-loyal, that either make taking care of a horse easier or harder. Sorry, this is just something I thought might be kind of interesting, but maybe it wasn't. Anyway, I will post again either tomorrow or Monday, a post about the kittens. Have a good weekend!


Gudl said...

I really enjoyed reading this post!
You do have loyal workers, but YOU are the most loyal and bestest one!!!
You really do a great job cleaning the stall and taking care of Daisy and the kittens.

I Love Jesus said...

I liked this post a lot. It was really cool. I didn't realize how big Daisy's stall was. Did you just want her to have a big stall? I'm just wondering. Bye!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness Melissa, you are quite the Employer with all your faithful staff! How dare that broom to break on you after all the time you have spent using it!! Bad Broom.
Seriously, I am touched to see a young woman your age so loyal and responsible!! It make my heart smile and a grin is on my face too.
You are special!

Mellimaus said...

Awww, I feel so loved, Wanda ;-). Thank you very much. I had to promise to take care of Daisy and the kittens when I got them, and I do. It's not hard, the only time that I really don't want to go out is on the days like the last few days, where it was only about 10 degrees out :).
Yes, Daisy's stall is REALLY big for a horse stall. I'm not sure how many feet, exactly, but it's big. We had my barn built by an Amish man near us, and he just made it that big. For awhile we thought it was good because we might have gotton 2 horses, but I'm happy with Daisy, so now Daisy just is very spoiled with a big stall.

Anika said...

wow. nice post. lol.

Boomer and Lady said...

That sux, about the broom. Oreo has a heated water bucket now too, about that size. The kittens got so big!

Anika said...

That was actually me who wrote that^^

Jean said...


As usual, you crack me up!! Leave it to you to bring ordinary barn tools to life :o) What a great post...I'll never look at my pitch fork the same again ;o)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

This post wasn't boring at all - especially for me, city-dweller-soon-to-be-moving-to-the-country, who is sucking up all vital farm life information! Loved reading about your wheelbarrow, I was thinking I would need one of those bigger, square wheelbarrow-like carts to load bales of straw/hay, but if your trust wheelbarrow does it, that may suffice for me. Do you know how deep your wheelbarrow is?
Loved the pictures! :-)

Priscilla said...

I think this was a great post! You have alot of imagination and are a hard worker. That is a compliment!

Victoria said...

Good worda Mellimaus!! Good words!!

Twinville said...

Oh this post was very helpful for me!

Our new horse is coming home in just a few days and I already have 2 of those 5 gallon electric buckets for our llamas, but was thinking of getting the 16 gallon for our new horse.
I never even thought that a horse might step into a water bucket. Whoops!

I think I'll just buy another 5 gallon hanging bucket instead.

How often do you find that you need to refill the 5 gallon bucket?

Thanks for the helpful tip!


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