Friday, October 15, 2010

Picture Catch-Up & Schooling Details

 The cross country schooling on Monday went absolutely great. Daisy was so good. She only truly refused 1 of the 12 jumps. There were two other jumps that made her balk, but she just slowed for a second, and then jumped it anyway, though messily. We jumped mostly just beginner novice jumps; a couple jumps were intro size. I was so proud of her! Jean was there on Ladd and Daisy jumped the same jumps he did, save for the one white fence up there in the first picture :)
 I included these pictures because they weren't included in the video in the last post.
Doesn't Daisy look great?
 The bank jump was great. I was weary about doing it once I saw it--it's a 2'5" bank jump up. Karin (the instructor) insisted I do it though and that Daisy could handle it.
 She was right :) 
At first, Daisy cantered up and then stopped in front of it. She was surprised; she was expecting a jump, not that! Once she had a look at it, she jumped it no problem the second time. And let me tell you-it was amazing! So very cool. It's not really jumping-it's gliding. 
The picture above in the new heading shows us going up the bank :)
 Jean also got me these pictures from our lake swim in early September, when I first truly swam Daisy in the lake. (See the post here:
 These pictures make me laugh out loud, remembering. Doesn't she look like the Loch Ness Monster in the picture above? haha
 It was so fun taking her in the water that day. I had to hold on so tight. I almost slid off a few times.

What a special pony I have. So strange to think that when I got her, my plan was to trail ride and do nothing else. Showing never even entered my mind. And here we are...
-Western shows
-Barrel racing
-English Shows
-Trail Trials
-Cross Country Schoolings
-Trail riding.
What else shall we conquer? :)


Amy said...

That is all so awesome! I thought the same thing when I got my horse. We were just going to trail ride, jump here and there. I think when we realize the potential of these horses we can't help but go as far as they will take us. Though I doubt my horse will ever take me swimming :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What a wonderful post, Mellimaus! That first picture - of you a Daisy up to your necks in the water - is just amazing. I can't believe she was willing to do that.

I also love your list at the end... how you initially just wanted to do trailriding, but look at all the incredible things the two of you do together now. You have an amazing life and an amazing horse!!

Bethany and Dahlia said...

you guys look great and are learning so much together! great job! :)


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