Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ahhh...That Time of Year Again

 Almost exactly (to the day) a year ago I went to my first cross country schooling with Daisy. It was a complete and total blast. I still count it as the best day of my life ;)...besides the day I got Daisy. 
Here's the video from that day (and...I apologize for all the spelling errors...they are truly typos...I watched the video a ton of times before I noticed :P now it bothers me):

And so...on Monday...a year since our first schooling, we are....DOING ANOTHER ONE! 
I'm psyched. :) Truly. 
We're doing beginner novice height. Mmmm hm. :)

My only decision to make right now is....snaffle or kimberwicke?
I'm leaning towards kimberwicke. Hate to switch it out though...

Until later :),

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