Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Short Videos

You'd think I'd have been warned of how the ride tonight would go by the first video... ;) But I wasn't. So the ride lead to the second video.

(Videos taken on my phone...notice ginormous buck in beginning of first video ;) )

I had a mounted meeting...and Daisy was CRAZY. I've never described her as crazy before....she got WAY too into the barrel racing; she was really really good; flying changes, no knocked barrels at the meeting, etc...but she threw fits when I asked to stop (wanted to keep running). Her behavior was so stupid I insisted on roundpenning afterward...and we did a join-up and things got a little better.

The show for tomorrow is already canceled...due to expected heavy rain and 50 mph winds. Which is a shame. :-/...

Oh well...I rode Bubba today. Despite his energetic behavior, he was very good.
Onwards and upwards as always,


Lydia said...

Nice first video. ;) Hope she'll be not quite as excited next time! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Don't you hate it when they decide NOT to stop on request? My very unfavorite thing.....well for the moment anyway. LOL

allhorsestuff said...

Hi there sweetie girl!
She is so funny! I think Wa mare would love to race around too...but if I race, it has to be endurance...and a long haul.
Have fun!


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