Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Colic, Dentist, and Upcoming Show!

Hello! Sorta-long-ish time no post!

Some of you who commented last time...I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to your blog! I'm busy, and forgetful :P I'll try when I'm done writing this.

So to update you...well, again, I'm forgetful so I'm probably forgetting to write something. Riding has been uneventful. The last two weeks I haven't really paid any attention to Daisy's leads, I let her do what she wanted out on the road rather than fight her all the time. I think that was a good thing, because when I rode yesterday, she actually
listened to my cues for leads! That never happens. NEVER on a straight-away do I touch her left outside and actually get a right-lead canter on the first try, without sidepassing. And I did yesterday. AND we went for a real gallop, and she felt amazing; very controlled, but fast.

My friend came on Saturday and rode Daisy...she was good until we got to the point where we normally gallop. And she didn't want to walk. :P Bethany did a good job handling her...and could have got her through but I didn't wanna wait :P. Of course, once I got on, she got her butt in gear. She's smart, that horse.

Our first game show of the year is Saturday! I am frankly not feeling ready...not that it matters. I just feel sorta bad that I'm not riding much western but will show western on Saturday...heavy saddle and all. I've only ridden western one other time (I think...) since the last western-riding-picture post.
Lydia will be joining our club at the show! :)

Daisy's dentist came today. Which brings me to the question. Should you have horse's teeth floated yearly, *even* when they're "young"?
I think you should. Because it's not like they don't grow when they're young. It's not like they can't have problems when they're young. Why wait until they have an issue? I'm for prevention. :) Plus Daisy likes it; she leans into it ;). And I feel better about her. Some horses will ride, while in pain, and seem to be fine, because they're good little ponies. Others may have issues that may seem behavioral...but could just be caused by pain because their teeth are too long. Yes, older horses might need more dental work because their teeth are "old", but they can essentially have the same problems as young horses. Age shouldn't be a deciding factor (in my opinion) So I wanna know; what do you think? Maybe I'm wrong. I'd like to know. Also, do you think people can still do a good job floating teeth without using one of these thingys to hold their mouth open? Mine doesn't use one, but he looked in her mouth today with a light on his head....sooo...just wondered.

And moving right along to...my new Tuffrider APPLE GREEN SADDLE PAD! :D I love it. I got it at Horseloverz.com. Which I linked in the sidebar ---> there but I wanted to point it out again. I LOVE that store. They claim they ship in "one day" and they used to ship really fast, but they don't seem to anymore...which is a bit of a shame, but it's ok. I got three bags of Nicker Snacks treats for free with the order. I can say I have first-hand experience with their customer "live chat" feature and it works very well. :) So just had to plug there.

And there's my bug! I took all these photos with my cellphone...I think they're decent! I'm not sure currently where I put my camera because I cleaned out my room and had it sort of re-done, and it's in one of my boxes...I'll find it tonight...maybe.... ;).

And this was taken just today of Daisy grazing.

OH! I remember now what I needed to post!
Daisy coliced. TWICE last week. The first time, Tuesday, was minor; not very worrisome. Thursday, it was bad. I went to go to Bible Study at night, and noticed she was pawing and not eating...again. My dad updated me while I was gone and after an hour said she was lying down in her stall...which was unusual. And my brother had seen her pawing. So I went home. After walking up and down the driveway a few times, I let her in her stall for a moment. About a minute after she went down and rolled. I was not happy. That's not a good sign. She's never been in enough pain to roll. So I made the decision and gave her a dose of banamine and walked some more. The eerie thing was that while walking, she was in a really good mood, the entire time. But as soon as we stopped, she pawed. So I guess the walking eases the pain...

I discussed it with various people on facebook. Some brought up grass. That can't be it because I'm slowly getting her used to it...she's only on for about a half hour a day right now. And Tuesday she hadn't even grazed. Another said lack of water...but she seems to drink a lot. I'm not sure if it's just coincidence, but Daisy's never been colicy at Jean's...there she's in a dirt paddock with no trees near her.

So I'm thinking it's leaves. There are no more red maples in her pasture, but there are sugar maple leaves...The other thought is that she went into heat on Friday after colicing....soooo...it may be a heat thing. I've never heard of other mares colicing when they go in heat, but it seems possible. Since Thursday, she's been fine. On grass and everything.

So that was my "big news".

Daisy goes to Jean's on Thursday. YRY mounted meeting Friday <3>

Until then (probably),


Sonny said...

Hey i love reading your blog! Soo i think it's never too young to get their teeth floated, atleast checked on. My pony has had them done since he was atleast 4 and my 3 year old got them checked too. And about the colic, my 3 year old got really gas-y when we were working him over on the new grass, AND maple leaves are poisonous! even the regular ones, if they fall off the tree and wilt and a horse eats them they get really really sick so be careful, we had a very bad accident with maples :(

p.s. love the saddle pad!

Lydia said...

About the floating teeth when they're young thing... I don't really know anything about horse teeth, but I wonder if some people say that because... Like you know how people say that most horses shouldn't be broken until 3 or 4 years old because their bones aren't fully developed? Maybe it's like that. Their teeth aren't fully developed. I'm not saying I believe that, it's just a possibility. Because, as I said before, I have no idea about horse's teeth. :P

I'm so sad Stewy went lame so I can't go to the show! :( *tear* I was so excited! Oh well. Maybe next time you go to a show.

Oh and GUESS WHAT?! Toby said that maybe County Fair is later (or earlier; I can't remember) this year so I might be able to go after all! That would be amazinggg! :) Versatility partners. ;)


Mellimaus said...

YESSSS versatility partners! Who will help me otherwise?! AHH!

I don't know really either...but Stewy is, what, 6? 7? His teeth are definitely developed by now (I know...I studied diagrams for hippology).

County fair is July 27-31st this year. When is pony club camp?
You NEED to at LEAST be there for versatility! :((( Pleaseeee?

I really don't know who'll help otherwise :P ;)

Christine said...

I am so not in the loop. I know nothing about horses. Teeth float?? You sound like quite the mama to your Miss Daisy. :) Keep up with your passion!


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