Friday, February 19, 2010

Trimmer's Visit

(this photo is a few weeks is NOT that sunny and pretty these days...taken at Jean's farm)

My natural trimmer came today. I was assigned all the evening barn chores, so I didn't get to chat/really look into Daisy's hooves, but I was informed (Though I sorta knew anyway) that Daisy has thrush in...a lot of her hooves. I'm not sure exactly how many, but I think all of them, to some degree. All this snow, and she STILL has thrush!

Daisy also has slight laminitis in the white line of a couple of hooves, because of the alfalfa hay she's on at Jean's...It completely didn't occur to me about the whole alfalfa=more sugar thing :-/. At my house, Daisy's on grass hay, so Daisy is (of course) loving the alfalfa, and now...yeah. Luckily, she's coming home in probably just a couple more weeks, and then she'll be on grass hay again. I just need to stay on top of spraying her hooves with tea tree oil/apple cider vinegar spray...which while I'm at it, I need to ask, does that stuff get "old"? The stuff I have is from December, and it wasn't kept in a fridge or out in the should I still use it or mix new spray?

Otherwise, there's nothing new to report...I have some videos of Daisy and I and a friend from the barn riding yesterday, and I'll try to fix them up and get them online...we shall see.

Until then, have a great night everyone! We have (I think) about a foot of snow on the ground...ohhh, fun. ;)


Sydney said...

The mixture will not go bad. I used to use that but when I got Naigen her feet were soo thrushy that stuff didn't do a darned thing. I ended up using all purpose lysol spray on her feet and it cleaned it up in a snap. Not harsh like pure bleach is.

Have you thought about bringing your own hay for Daisy? At least wile shes in her stall to be fed. Even slight laminitis may mean she may be ouchy a few weeks from now. Hell any laminitis is not a good thing.

Michaela said...

Well it's good she is getting off the alfalfa. Alfalfa is a legume, which are hard for horses to digest, not to mention the high sugar content. Indigo also had thrush in his hooves and I tried Absorbine Thrush Remedy and it didn't do a thing. My farrier recommended Mustad Thrush Buster and it worked in only two applications. It is a bit pricey, but well worth it. At the same time he had thrush, he also got this crack in his right front hoof that started at the back of his frog and went to the bulb of his heel. It is about an inch deep, so a lot of mud and bacteria gets trapped in there. My trimmer said their is nothing I can do about it and it is really just a cosmetic flaw, even though it is not really visible unless you pick up his leg. To help get rid of the bacteria, he gave me a syringy thing much like paste dewormer tubes but it is full of penicillin designed for lactating cows. Apparently you can get them in value packs for about $20. It is very easy to use I just squirt some in the crack every few days and every day when it is muddy. So, it is something you could potentially try if the apple cider vinegar solution doesn't work. Good luck with everything!

Mrs Mom said...

Or you could go to the White Lightning site (

Order the product (I like the gel form if they still have it...) and use that to treat her thrush ;)

Chin up girl. Daisy is not alone in the thrush battle. Sonny needs his done all over again as well, thanks to the warm and soupy conditions we are having.

Play in the snow for me! :)

Gudl said...

I love this photo (and yes, I was the one who said you should take it ;-))
At least it IS sunny TODAY!!


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