Monday, February 15, 2010

I Think I Will Remove the Title Bar Because I Can Never Think of Titles

So my personal computer died on me after battling viruses for a few weeks :( so posting is likely to slow down as it's inconvenient to post currently. I must make this quick.

I think Daisy is suffering from arena-fever. She was doing SO well arena riding the entire time and going on the bit and junk, but...I fear she's sick of it. For this reason, I'm going to try to get out and trail ride (In the snow!...) to give her a break. She doesn't get on the bit as well lately and has been plain piggy the last few rides. She's jumpy, she refuses to do simple things like back and side pass, and a few times now I've let her loose in the arena and had her run and she has energy galore. I ride her almost every day (generally about 6 days a week) so it's not from lack of exercise but rather being in shape and not getting enough work. I've started cantering her over ground poles to get a bouncier canter and it worked the first few times and she had a really impressive, nice, engaged canter, but now...that is no more. I'm off to the barn in a little bit, and as long as the footing seems decent, we'll ride some fields...alone :(. But that's alright, we're used to it.

Actually, on Saturday I rode Daisy and then let her out in her pasture and brought her a flake of grass hay (she's been eating hay with alfalfa though). I figured I'd do her a favor and give her some extra because she already ate her hay for the day. Well, apparently Daisy didn't appreciate it. I was standing next to the flake and she walked over, smelled it, didn't eat any, and promptly turned her butt to me and tried to kick me! I can count only a handful of times where she's tried to kick me, but never like she did then. I wasn't doing anything! No worries, I grabbed a rope and smacked her right back (She didn't actually hit me). What a little jerk! Hills and valleys, I tell ya...

On another note, my parents went to Florida and bought me new cowboy boots to replace my old ones! My old ones actually still look pretty good, but I get blisters in them...not with these ones (at least I don't think I will ;)) They are made of Caiman (a small alligator (...or crocodile? I never know the difference). They are very comfy and I'm anxious to show with them western next season!

They ALSO got me a new, red show shirt! YEY! Red is our club color, and it's awesome that it's a really nice shirt (I love's so great) and it's red!


Sydney said...

Just a note because I have seen a few horses being ridden in a snaffle and go to a curb (your kimberwick) go great for a wile but get nerve aggravation from the chain/strap and start ignoring rider requests. Try going back to your snaffle for arena work.

Mellimaus said...

Hey Sydney,
I may try that...undecided. Daisy was actually really really good today for riding; went on the bit and behaved herself again. I'm not saying this because I don't want to listen to what you say (I know it must seem like I keep doing that; sorry) but I have a feeling Daisy is just genuinely stubborn; she has on and off days ALL the time where she listens, then doesn't, listens, then doesn't, simply depending on if she feels like behaving. :P She's a little jerk. But if she continues to do badly in the kimberwicke I'll go back to the snaffle for a bit. :)


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