Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Game Show Pictures and First Ever Hunterpace


These are the promised pictures from the game show 2 weekends ago; sorry it took so long, time flies so fast! :P The last pic I look really grouchy in that "I'm unaware that a picture is being taken" sort of way...I am actually happy, I just don't look it :P Anyway, that shows how I generally sit when waiting for a class; it feels SOOO good, it stretches your legs :P


This past Saturday, Jean and I went to our first Hunter pace...Unfortunately, I have NO pictures of it whatsoever...sorry! It was a blast, though. Jean rode Bubba, and I rode Daisy. We each had red saddle pads, white long sleeved shirts on with red polos overtop. We tacked at her place and took the 2-horse trailer over to the grounds (very close by). We registered, finished bridling, and got on. We started out at 10:32 am and Daisy was excited. As soon as we went over the first jump and started galloping, she was gone. That's it. NO MORE walking the entire way; she wouldn't have it. If Jean walked, Daisy 'jigged' behind Bubba. It was CRAZY! The second jump, Daisy tried to run-out to the left, and ran smack into Bubba; I kept cantering, turned her, and drove her at it again and she popped over. For us, it was a high jump...not sure how high, though. Nothing over 2'6". We continued along; she tried to run-out the third jump, I made her go over, and after that, she didn't really try to get away anymore. On the fourth jump, a pretty high jump for our standards, I smacked her to keep her from running out and the crop broke! The handle was dangling from the crop, and as I went over, the handle swung back and hit me between the knuckles. Ouch!! We entered woods for a bit, and crossed a stream...unfortunately, it was really banged up from all the horses crossing, so Daisy almost didn't want to go because the footing was terrible...Continuing on, my legs were BURNING because during gallops Jean had me standing in the saddle to work on balance...ouch again! lol...my right calf is still sore when I walk down stairs :P. At one point, we galloped up this REALLY steep hill along the edge of a cornfield, and Daisy got so into it (I think it bugged her that Bubba was leading) that she shot past just as Jean called out that there was another turn; figures. I had to gallop past and regain control so I could turn around! :P
Toward the end, Daisy was REALLY fiesty, and she saw Bubba go over two jumps in a row made of barrels...I didn't plan on going to over because I didn't think I could handle her, but too late, she turned toward them, cantered, and we were over them :P. It was SUPER fun, she jumped sooo high! (It feels like it, anyway). Right after, Daisy got a burst of energy and took off with me at a gallop...had to wait until the field turned before she slowed down! CRAZY horse. And that with a Kimberwick bit! We also went over a tire jump very successfully...I think I'm doing a lot better with looking UP instead of down at the jump, which is a bad habit I have. :)

We learned a few things at the hunterpace. First, it was WAY different then we thought (longer, hilly-er, etc), second, your knees KILL afterward, and third, once Daisy does one, she'll be so hyper at the end you'd think she could do it a few more times! In the end, we finished in 1 hour 19 minutes...silly us picked on of the faster divisions, so we didn't even place because we were slow :P. We learned a lot this time. First of all, the hunter paceLOL

Very fun experience though...we will probably go back next year. :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those action shot photos were awesome! I didn't think you looked grouchy, but rather, focused, as it should be.
I'm impressed you can ride out Daisy's bolting off with you and all that crazy galloping. I bet it felt like you were flying. I won't ever be able to do something like that now with this bum knee, so I'll live vicariously through you, Mell.

Great job. You and Daisy Mae looked awesome together!


Claire said...

Daisy Mae is beautiful! Great blog!


allhorsestuff said...

Woweee girlie!!! Great action shots of you two and all!!!!
Such determination on your face...not to be confused with "grouchy"!!
Go Daisy!


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