Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before Daisy's Time: My First Show

Back in the day when caveman roamed the Earth, and dinosaurs weren't extinct yet, I had my first horse show.

Well, at least I made the first sentence interesting, right? Right.

A year and a half before I found Daisy, I made friends with the owners of three miniature ponies down the street from our house. I used to go to their house a few times a week and take care of the ponies. It was pretty cool, because I went over there whenever I wanted, and played with the minis. It was like having my own horses. That next spring, one of the girl's on my brother's swim team invited me to show one of her miniature horses (not the ones on my street). It was a blast. The night before I had a crash course on showmanship, halter classes, and obstacle, and early the next morning we were off. I think I borrowed all the clothes I wore, haha, and the horse, but I had a ball!

One class was obstacle. You had to lead your horse over poles, have him turn on the forehand in a hula-hoop, walk over a tarp, etc. We got fourth place.

I remember being SO nervous for showmanship. I went in as the first person, which meant in the line-up I was last to see the judge. We had to walk forward, stand for inspection with the judge, do a 180 degree turn, and trot back. I don't remember the fine details, but I know I had a hard time when standing for inspection because Doc, the pony I showed, didn't want to stand still. I felt like a failure because he kept prancing around, and not squaring up...but we ended up with 2nd place out of 10 people. I was SO proud. I've been told that the judge admired that I kept trying even when he was a jerk...I don't know if that's true, but it made me happy!

The last pictures are of Doc showing with his owner. :)

A year later, I bought Daisy.

I value all the experiences I've had before I had Daisy; everything I did with horses, big and small, taught me something. I give credit to the minis this year when I had 1st place showmanship at the county fair; it's nice that I had already had that experience. :)


allhorsestuff said...

Oh! I loved seeing all those photo's!
What an adorable mini you got to work with! Neat experience..I have never done a halter class, but sometime would like to.
Great job for the first time...Really!
Kacy w/ Wa mare~

Gudl said...

Yes, I remember how happy and excited you were. That seems like long ago now. Wow, you grew a lot in the meantime! And learned a lot!

ILJ said...

you were so cute! :) you look SO different now!!! and i LOVE little ponies and mini horses! i miss my jack at my barn..... :(


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