Friday, February 13, 2009


The chicks have been here one day now and have already grown. That sounds outrageous but it's true...they grow super super fast. But they are still adorable. I'm very happy with the ones with have. We were told we may not end up being able to get the Delaware chicks, but we did end up getting them, which is cool. We ended up with 2 of each:
Black Sex Links
Golden Sex Links
Rhode Island Reds
New Hampshire Reds
Buff Orpintons
Silver (Laced? idk) Wyandottes

Cool mix. In the slide show below, I labeled the pictures and I labeled the breeds of the ones I could decipher...Last time we got chicks we only had one yellow one and she was "special" because of it, and this time we have 4 or 6! All so cute. The face on the wyandottes are so cute, too. We held a few today so my mom could take pictures...there is one that is so bold already, one of the wyandottes, it steps right up to the front of the box when you come while the others run. So adorable.
So this is a SHORT slideshow. Drag mouse over pic. to see caption,& feel free to us + - to go faster & slower.

Pics all by my wonderful Mom--thanks!


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, it looks like you got some gorgeous ones! And a lot, too! Will you keep any roosters that you wind up with? :-)

Lydia said...

My favorite was the reddish Rhode Island Red.
So cute!


Michaela said...


Mellimaus said...

We ordered only pullets so hopefully we really got only dad is totally against roosters so we probably wouldn't keep it if it was a rooster...

I love the Rhode Island Reds, too. They're so cute and petite somehow.

allhorsestuff said...

Ohn oh oh! They are great...I believe you that they grow fast.
Cutest of slides there!

Anika said...

aww omg im so jealous! lol, i waish i could come see them! have you/are you going to name any of them this time?

Krissy said...
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Tibby said...

aww they're so cute and fuzzy! are you going to name them?

maybe i should read the harry potter books. my sister said i would like them :)

Pony Girl said...

Those chicks are SO cute! Your slideshow is fun, it looks like you and Daisy are doing well and are quite the team! ;)

Jutta said...

Süssssss so klein und kuschelig müssten sie bleiben:-)


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