Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Excerpt from Last Night's Concert

Pirates of the Caribbean by the orchestra I'm in....there are always areas of improvement, but I still think we sound pretty good.


Southern Commander said...

That was REALLY good!!! That's sooo cool that you're in an orchastra! Well gtg....

~Southern Commander~

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow Melli!! That gave me goosebumps! It was THAT good!
My entire family loved the Pirates of the Carribean series, so I will show this to my 11 year old sons, too. They are totally going to dig it!
Is that you in the front playing a violin? If so, you look great!

One of my sons plays guitar while the other plays trombone in a homeschool band. In fact, their Winter Holiday Concert is tomorrow night! I'm so excited. This is his second year and he's in Intermediate Band now. He's come so far and he's really improved since last year.

How long have you played in Orchestra and Chorus?

This was really GREAT, my talented friend! :)

New Mexico

Mellimaus said...

I've played violin since 3rd grade, in orchestra since 4th...Choir since 5th...

I really want to learn to play guitar...I love it!

Anika said...

its so so funny to listen and see and orchestra, we only have band here, and i dont even see that a lot, cuz im not in it..haha =] good job!

Gudl said...

Yes, the girl with the white blouse and brown hair on the left (front row) is our Mellimaus!! It was a great concert and we were very proud of her!

Lydia said...

i was so lucky i got to actually see it live! lol


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