Monday, December 1, 2008

Bibbi & Survivor

Hello again!
Sorry it's been so long.

Last week I asked if you guys though Survivor would be lonely without friends.
And we felt, as you said, that she would be lonely.

So we went to the family's house who has our chickens presently.

And we got Bibbi back.
We are insane, I know--give 'em away, get one back.
But I'd like to say that, though they will be slaughtered, our chickens seem very very happy at their new home. They now have (*gasp*) their own rooster! A VERY pretty, golden rooster, which loves our chickens. We spoke with the wife of the man who picked up the birds, and she seemed very nice--they have 25 of their own (VERY beautiful) birds and she was kind and I believe our chickens won't suffer when they're killed, so I'm happy, I guess.
Bibbi was quiet on the ride home. She sat in a cat cage. We brought her up to the coop with Survivor in it, and I opened the "human" door of the coop, and then opened Bibbi's cage. She didn't come out at first, and then suddenly she came running out and she seemed to recognize the coop, and she jumped in and started eating food. Survivor looked like she was in shock, she was so surprised, but she was clucking, and she came off the roost and went and looked at Bibbi. Then she drank water. RIGHT away, she drank. Which makes us think that maybe she was too afraid to come off the roost to drink and eat before.

She and Bibbi seem very happy now. Bibbi used to be one of the quietest hens in the coop, but she's now the "leader" of her and Survivor--she comes right to the door and she's always just -there-....

She's also laying eggs! Only one every other day, but it's still nice! :)

So our two chickies are happy.

The ladies. lol

Over and up,


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! That is such happy news, Mell!!
I'm smiling HUGE over here just imagining those two ladies getting chummy together. And eggs, too!
Just enough to bake some brownies.....


New Mexico

Southern Commander said...

AWWW!!! That is so sweet:)! I bet your glad to have Bibbi back.... Well gtg!

~Southern Commander~

Lydia said...

That is so nice that they get along and all! I hope you are happy, and yes, just enough to bake brownies, like I'm doing tonight!!!

Oh! If you want to (and ONLY if it would be cool for you, you definetley DON'T have to) you can bring eggs for cookie night over the weekend. And we could do it either Saturday or Sunday, although Sunday preferably but if Sunday doesn't work for you, we can always do Saturday!

Best Wishes!

Anika said...

thats so cool! and happy. lol bibby was a good choice, cuz shes the one that you bathed and stuff, and idk, but she's so pretty and special and stuff. ya idk. but yay!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

A happy ending for two pretty hens...
I like your signature - how'd you do that? :-)

Mellimaus said...

You make a signature on that website (get there by clicking on it), and then insert the code at the very end of your post each time you the Edit HTML tab on a post...

allhorsestuff said...

Sweet chicken freindship -at last!

Anika said...

heyy i was just thinking about ur chickens and stuff, lol, and was wondering, are they back behind the garage? or are they still on the hill? =]



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