Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ontario County Fair: Western Day, July 26th

When I was in Alberta at course, we went shopping at a western store one day and I got sucked into spending a hefty price for a show shirt. 
After seeing the pictures of Western day with it, I have no regrets ;). 
 Daisy was happy to be going western, her comfort zone, again. 

Trail class was the same pattern as Tuesday's. We placed first again. 

It started with a bridge obstacle. 

Then curved trot poles, to a mailbox. 

Then to a slicker transfer. . . 

Followed by a 360 box. 

A U-shaped back-up station was followed by the corner sidepass station. 

That evening, I entered the Versatility class again. Versatility tests the versatile nature of the individual horse (pretty self-explanatory). On western day, the versatility class starts out in english tack and clothing. We do an english flat class, then do a quick tack and clothing swap. Then we ride a western pleasure flat class, and a barrel pattern. In years past, the class has been very popular, with as many as 12 riders. The past two years Daisy and I have placed first. This year it was raining lightly, and only three people rode. Daisy an I won first again. 

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Ruffles said...

Love your shirt :) Awesome pictures. you and Daisy look great. Congrats.


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