Sunday, February 12, 2012

Her Zebra-Printed Glory

This morning I went out to snap some high-quality photos of Daisy in her stylish coat... but the snow got in the way.

This afternoon, the snow had slowed down some, so I tried again. 

She's so adorable. :) 

And a beaut, too.

I'm heading out of town this week to sing in a choir of kids from all over the Eastern US. I'm pretty excited :) Daisy will be under Jenny's care; I'm bringing her back there tomorrow. 
The snow we've been getting has halted riding for the last couple days, unfortunately. 

Hope you and yours ;) are all staying warm. . . 


Gudl said...

Daisy does look stylish in her new blanket!! Great pics (as usual!)
I love my girls ;)

Ruffles said...

Daisy is so gorgeous!! and I LOVE her rug :) :) :)


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