Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daisy's Midwinter Return Home

Hello blogger friends!
First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for the comments on my last post. Comments are super appreciated; I love hearing from readers. Knowing my posts are looked at/read is very motivating. If you didn't comment. . . please feel free, and I'll try to stop over at your blog too! 

Now on to business. 
Thursday I was thinking how the weather in our woods was still so mild; we've had one 'snow storm' this winter, and the snow melted within 4 days or so. Mostly we've had rain and some wind, and as a result, unending mud in the horse pastures. Daisy was reaching the point where if I put her out without hay in her pasture, she would literally refuse to go through the pasture gait until I forced her to, and then she would only move in far enough for me to close the gate behind her. She's not very happy with the muddy conditions.  I board her because when the weather is bad I have the option of the indoor to ride in, but with the weather so mild, I decided to bring Daisy home for a week (it's only just over a mile ride on the roads; only about a 15 minute ride from where we board to our house). It's lovely to have my pony in my backyard again for a little while.
She seems quite content here at home. I like that, with her having the option of her run-in stall, I can leave her without a blanket. One spot on her back has hair that is wiry and dry, unlike the rest of her coat, where I guess the blanket is irritating her (although it's the same blanket as last year, and we didn't have problems then...) and I'm hoping that it doesn't grow in white in the spring! That would sad. 

Ironically, we got snow last night while I was at work. In less than an hour, we were hit with three inches. Luckily we didn't get more than that, and it's supposed to be warm so it should melt quickly. 
Daisy enjoyed her mid-morning hay in her sunny paddock today. She stands and stares at the door to our house, and anytime someone opens the door she whinnies for food. So cute ;). You'd think she was starving, and yet I've noticed she seems a little more rotund then I'd like at the moment. It is winter though...
At home, she gets 4 flakes of hay, spread out throughout the day (about every two hours), either in her pasture or stuffed in her slow-feeding hay net (which she actually likes).

 I was in the pasture taking photos, and the barn cats insisted on following me everywhere. Gronemeyer is below.
 I rode Daisy today and she was full of energy, and yet I was pleased to find that she was very responsive to my voice commands. We've been working a lot on voice commands while riding, and really quick stops (when we were still in the arena). She does so well! 
Weather-permitting I'll bring her back over to Jenny's farm on Friday. But for now, she's home. ♥


Ruffles said...

That's awesome you get to keep Daisy at your house. It's great to be able to look out the window and see your horse grazing happily :)

Gudl said...

great photos! I like the one through the branches!


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