Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Parade 2011

The above gorgeous mare is Jordan, owned by Jenny. I rode Jordan three times this past week to prep for the memorial day parade I rode her in this morning, to get to know her better. She's initially very quick; very sensitive and responsive to any sort of leg movement, constantly looking for an excuse to burst forward into a trot. Besides that however, she's surprisingly easy to stop. She's more comfortable outside on a road than she is in the arena, and she seems to have a 10 minute warm-up period, after which she suddenly settles in and settles down. She's responsive both to speeding up and slowing down, within the gait itself as well. At first I wasn't sure if the parade was such a good idea, but she really grew on me this week as I rode her. 

She was excellent during the parade today! She wasn't really phased by anything, not the cars/firetrucks/band/color guard/children/other horses, etc. Only during the last two minutes, when she stopped and pooped, did she suddenly get anxious. It was very sudden and random, but luckily it was the end of the parade so it didn't really matter. She was a pleasure to ride :) 
This picture is from our ride up to our house on Saturday.

Happy Memorial day, and thank you to our veterans and soldiers.


allhorsestuff said...

She is a cutie & How cool to ride in the parade!
My last parade was when I was 8 on Trixie, rode bareback dressed luke an indian. She had paint and feathers on. Twas really fun!

Mellimaus said...

Ahhh, Trixie! I was just thinking today what a cute pony name that would be. . . anyway, that's cool to have memories like that. Surprisingly, I have yet to ride a painted/feathered/Indian horse. Hmm... ;)


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