Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lesson 1/11/11

Hello all! 
I had a lesson today...first one since camp in August ;)
I've decided to aim to take a lesson every two weeks...it went well! I'm using a new instructor...she was much more positive than my old one. I won't say more on that topic.
We worked a lot on having Daisy bend and supple, and transitions from walk to trot to walk to get her energy up, and direction changes across the ring. I thought it was a pretty good productive lesson (spurs next time!) but then I saw the videos...she looks lovely! ;)
I know the beginning she's pooping. Figures; how awkward ;) 
But otherwise....  hint: 1:10 is particularly awesome ;) I'm very happy how it went.


Sydney_bitless said...

Looks like a good lesson! The positivity in your instructor goes a long way to how you and your horse work together.

Cat said...

Looking good. Watching the video of your lesson has made me even more desperate to get riding!

Sydney_bitless said...

LOL not sure if you ever seen this but http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097239/

Mellimaus said...

Haha I have Sydney...originally, I titled the blog as a spoof of the movie... I didn't see the movie until this spring though. I actually liked it!
Now it's just ironic that I'm teaching her to drive... I mean, seriously? ;)

Misha said...

I haven't been on blogger in forever; I'm so glad to hear you and Miss Daisy are still getting along well. :) I've missed your blog, lol. It makes me miss horseback riding so much! The video looks great!


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