Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pi π Day

Hello, all!
I actually started a post earlier this week, never finished, and decided not to post it at all :) Sooo I'll just tell you about my day/weekend.

Friday, kids from a trade school in the animal science program near us came to see a sort of presentation of Jean's farm. It was SO fun! We went in the arena towards the end and the kids ( some were older than me :P) watched me and two other people demonstrate all sorts of stuff, flat work to jumping. it was awesome! Daisy was really good. The man who brought them their checked over Daisy's western saddle for me (which I stopped using when white hairs started growing in a little) and he said that it pinches her only on her left side because she's more muscled there and that since I ride primarily English anyway it was safe to keep the saddle; yey!

I rode Daisy today and Bubba (second picture). Daisy was great! We worked on flying changes and I got three good ones out of her from right lead to left; I figure we should start easy and once she starts to get it one way we can try the other :).
Then I rode Bubba, for the first time unsupervised! He was very good; as usual. We kept it pretty simple, working on circles (which I did with Daisy, too) at walk/trot/canter. He's awesome!

Daisy comes home this we'll begin conditioning on the road again. After these two months primarily in the arena, I can't wait! :)


Gudl said...

Nice pics of 'your' horses.
I am looking forward to having Daisy home again!

I Love Jesus said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got flying lead changes!!! :) And I'm glad she was so good for you. :) Have fun riding outside on the road again! :)

Jutta said...

Hallo Melissa auf diesem Wege alles Gute zu Deinem heutigen Geburtstag:-)
Haste schön gefeiert mit Deinem Papa zusammen? Bitte sage ihm auch herzliche Geburtstagsgrüsse von mir!
Alles Liebe Dir von Jutta

Grüsse auch an Mama

Gudl said...

Hallo Jutta,
Gary u Melissa haben am 25.3. Geburtstag, das hast du verwechselt. Aber trotzdem lieb, dass du an sie gedacht hast!

Lydia said...

Nice pictures. :) And thats great you're working on your dressage. Me too! :p Haha. I hope you're having fun with Daisy home.



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