Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thrush, Trimming, Updates, and, umm...More.

Long time no post...I actually had pictures for both of the last Sunday Stills posts but just somehow...never got around to posting...

SOOO much has been going on with Daisy and I since the cross country schooling, and yet nothing has happened...

The schooling brought up various questions about Daisy's soundness and life has a barefoot horse that I really needed to sort out...I actually have each of the questions written down, and answers, but...I don't feel like sharing. Not today...maybe another day. Or maybe never. I can't decide...partially because the answers contain words that could be considered, um...offensive, I guess, to certain people...who will probably never read this, anyway, but I'd rather not share right now :).

ANYWAY, I need to say a BIG thank you to Mrs. Mom especially for being willing to email me, answer questions, look at my photos, give me advice on Daisy's thrush, were SUCH a help, I SO appreciate it! Thank you very, very, very much!

Daisy did have's gone now, I'm pretty sure. It was still lingering in her right hind last Monday when my trimmer came, but I've been ACV spraying, and it's gone.


Yes, yes, you can stop gushing now. I know, I know, really, please be quiet...I KNOW, stop getting so excited!

(I'm not really sure what made me write that^^)

But for real, I did trim Daisy's trimmer gave me one of his old(er) files, and showed me how to trim Daisy's hooves (I'm supposed to remember, BACK 45 degrees! Not in that order...) and next Monday (not tomorrow) I will go about, umm...*trying* to trim her hooves myself. He said I could go ahead and trim her hooves two weeks into the trim...which is cool. I got the whole trimming the edges down fine (at least, the left side, where I can use my right hand...I have yet to try with my left...that will be awkward :P) but I'm a little unsure about trimming her bulbs...that's where the "BACK" comes in...and I go to just about height of the frog...but not lower...and...yeah...we'll see. :P

High school is keeping me very busy these days...*thanks*. :P

I haven't been riding as much...and Daisy's showing it through weight gain (not totally because of lack of riding, though :P) and grumpy (er) attitude (grumpier than the usual grump than she is). I just call her Miss Grumpy these days and scratch her behind the ears more often...the pictures above were from a few weeks ago now.

I went to ride at Jean's yesterday, and am going again on Wednesday...she got some new horses at an auction, and they turned out quite nice. I like them a LOT! :))

Alrighty...well...the chickens got a new coop. So I will eventually be posting pictures of the build and finish on my other blog (Link at the side, over there ------>>> )


Mrs Mom said...

Always happy to help, Mel;) Daisy is a cutie!

And WAY TO GO on the trimming!!! It takes time, but you will work out a way that is comfortable for you on the offside. My husband is ambidextrous, and I had to learn because I didn't want him to show me Now I have to re-learn it so I can trim my own horse!

Anytime you have questions we might can help with, just holler! And please slip Miss Daisy a treat from us ;) She's a nice mare!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - you have had a LOT going on!
And what's all this at the beginning...I hope everything will be ok, Mellimaus. Any time someone starts mentioning the word "soundness" when describing a horse, it generally is not good. Sending you good thoughts.

I am SO impressed that you are doing your own hoof trimming! That's incredible - when you do it, make sure your mom is there to take pictures for your blog. :-)

And why-oh-why is Daisy Mae so darn grumpy??!!

Gudl said...

Great photos of your little mare!!

Bethany said...

that's awesome you got to trim her hooves!!! :D great job!! :)


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