Thursday, April 2, 2009

Riding Daisy & Horsebowl

Long time no-talk, ladies and gents (if "gent's" dare visit this blog!)
I did update a few times on my other blog, so if you want to check that...
These are some pictures my mom took of Daisy and I today...she's starting to shed. Notice the shirt I'm wearing? I have to tell you about that.

As a member of 4H, I joined our county's "Horsebowl and Hippology" novice team, it being my first year. We met every week (for me, I only went every other week most of the time) and learned a ton of stuff. We learned parts of a horse's hoof, leg, bones, body parts, tack, feed, grooming, parasites, breeds, moods, vitamins/minerals, etc. This was all to get ready for our "Extravaganza" on March 28 (last Saturday). That was the "Hippology" portion.
We also practiced for "horsebowl". We practiced "jeopardy" like questions, with buzzers and such. I wasn't really expecting much of "competition" day. I thought there would be one other county, and I just didn't really know what to expect. I showed up on Saturday in my Horsebowl polo and was ready to go.

It was AMAZING. I was on a novice team with 3 other girls aged 9-11 I think. There were I think 6 or 7 other counties there. For hippology we went into different rooms and looked at diagrams of horse's bones, body parts, etc, and had to label them, as well as breeds, feeding, and tack. It was pretty hard and I didn't think I did that well. Horsebowl as the greatest part. Our team did AWESOME--we buzzed in a ton and out of the 4 rounds of 30 questions we did against each county's novice team we won them ALL! By a landslide! We won atleast 24 of the questions each time, one time us getting them all! Our team really pulled it together and did great.

Come awards time, we got 1st place for team points in both Hippology and Horsebowl, and I personally got 1st place for highest points in both as was a really "feel good" day. I can't wait to do it again.

All this to say, I think if you are in 4H or have kids in it, they should totally do horsebowl if you county offers it. It was SO fun! :D

Sooo that's my slightly lengthy post...sorry...had to document that, though.
Daisy is doing good. She had a very frustrating problem while at Jean's where she flatly refused to do a right-lead canter, no matter what direction we went in the ring and how tight we turned. I was really getting kind of discouraged. However, now that we're on the road again, I've started having her start off a canter right from a standstill after having her sidepass to the right. This sets her up for it and she does a GREAT right-lead canter! I'm hoping to do it a lot so that she'll get stronger on it and do it in a ring, too.

I'm currently in search of a new western saddle, but can't get one unless I can test it out on Daisy first...needless to say, I'm riding English and bareback. I miss western--hope I can get a new saddle soon...

I ordered Old Mac's G2's for Daisy but they didn't fit and I had to send them back for a new size...hopefully soon we'll get those "running".

That's my update...Hope you've all been well!


Lydia said...

Looks like you had a fun time!

That's great Daisy is doing better on her right lead canter now that you're back home. I know it was hard moving Stewy around. Every time we moved to a new place, there would be some sort of "difficulty", but now that he's settled and has been at Toby's for the longest time he's ever been somewhere, he's doing way better.

I might try Horsebowl next year, but I'm not sure. I tried it once and just didn't find it... I don't know. What's the word? Mentally entertaining enough? I don't even know. But anyway, I think it's good to give things second chances. So, I might try it next year.

Love from,

Lydia and Stewy

Sarah said...

I did the horsebowl thing before I did really bad on the Hippology though.. but the horsebowl part was fun!!
We had all but one new person I think, and we did REALLY good! It was several years ago, so I don't know what place we got.. but I got a ribbon :D

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The horsebowl does sound like fun! At first I thought you meant you were bowling from horseback. What an adventure that could be. lol!

You and Daisy look so good together. She is the perfect size for you, too.
Your weather looks glorious!

So you're getting boots for Daisy, eh? Does this mean you're going to keep her barefoot now?
I bet she will do really great barefoot and be much happier and more comfortable, too.
Let us know how you like the Old Mac's once Daisy starts using them for trail rides, k?

And I sure do hope you are able to get a new Western Saddle soon, too. :)


Anika said...

That sounds cooool! (: good job!

xoxo anikaa
tell daisy mae i said hi(:

Tibby said...

I love your new template!

Horsebowl sounds amazing! I learned all the parts of a bridle once, I think. But I forgot :)

Michaela said...

I'm going to get boots for Indigo too, because we recently tried him barefoot and he's doing great! It's saving us a lot of money, as the farrier used by my farm charges $125 for two front shoes, while the special barefoot farrier we found charges $40 for a trim. The farrier reccomended the Easyboot gloves, that way they won't catch on jumps or sticks on the trail. REady for some links now?

Winsome Composition said...

Hi, I was just looking through blogs and I came to yours. Your horse is so cute and I LOVE the name! I just watched the movie Driving Miss Daisy like 3 days ago. Thats the best name ever! If i had a horse thats what I would want to name it now. hehe! = )


allhorsestuff said...

You did so well! Love the Shirt too!

Daisey is looking adorable these days...I have thoise boots and i adore how easy they are..though, today, for the first time...the left fore kept twisting..I ahbve had them for months and now it twists...think my comfort pad is almost gone. I ordered some "Thinline" ones to put under the regular easy boot ones. That should do it!

Let me know how you like yours.
HAPPY Resurrection day!


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