Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Chick's Big Move

The chicks were moved out to the garage yesterday. This video highlights the trip.
They are getting really big now...lots of feathers! It's exciting. In the beginning, I neglected to realize the thermometer was still switched to "in" for inside, so I actually had 2 heat lamps in the box! I'm so dumb. Then my mom pointed out that there is an "out" button--lol. I put it on out and real quick took out a heat lamp!
Enjoy the video.


Gudl said...

Very, very cool! Enjoyable to watch! Love the music, too!
I will put this on my blog tomorrow if you don't mind!

Lydia said...

They're getting so big so fast!
Lol... I love the "in" and "out" hysteria.



I LOVE JESUS said...

I love the video!!!! :D And the music!!! And I LOVE the new blog layout. The colors are really cool! :D Bye!

Anika said...

i like your new blog layout. the chicks are cute! angel is a cute name for that one. why is she the only one so far?

Mellimaus said...

Her name is Angel because her big white wings make her look like an Angel...she's just the only one with a name...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Fun video, Mell! Your chicks are growing so fast!



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