Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cantering at the Well

Hey, people. This is just a little clip of Daisy and I cantering back at our well on Friday afternoon. It had snowed, and it was the first time in awhile that I really rode Daisy...well, rode for about 20 minutes...I would walk and canter her around the circle. It doesn't look THAT great in the video, but when I was actually riding it felt so cool because Daisy was using so much power to bound through the snow, keeping her canter stride. It was so cool to ride.
I also want to share a poem in another post. It will be above this one. PLEASE read it when it's posted. It's a great poem.
Have a great Sunday!


Aurorey said...

how a interesting. ya! interesting
you are almost as good as me. ha. lol.just kidding. i have never been on a horse.

I Love Jesus said...

Does Daisy act up if you don't have a crop?

Mellimaus said...

No...I don't use the crop all the time. See, Daisy likes to have her own way sometimes, so to 'fix' that I first tried spurs-she HATED them with a capital 'H'. So I tried a crop, and it works well. If she 'goofs off' just once and she doesn't listen with a firm squeeze of my heels I smack her with the crop. Not hard, though, unless she's being REALLY bad. It works good. Otherwise I use my reins, because they're split reins so I can smack her with them, too. :-)

worminator said...


Oreo said...

Hi mellimaus! I'm Oreo. Tell Daisy I like to canter around too! It's fun!

Twinville said...

You hold on pretty good riding bareback.
I like that you're wearing a helmet, too.
You seem to both be a good team.


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