Friday, February 8, 2008

7 Interesting Facts

I was tagged by Allen to write 7 facts about me. I'm not that interesting, but okay, here it is:
  1. I was born here in America, but my 2 brothers and my parents were all born in Germany, so I speak fluent German
  2. I love to sing, especially in the barn (lol) were no one hears me(always slightly embarressing when someone comes up behind me suddenly, and I don't know they're there, and I'm singing)
  3. I'm taking French in school, and I really like it. My favorite subjects are French, Social Studies, and Orchastra...and English
  4. My favorite christian band is "Delirious?"
  5. I have (if I counted right) 12 cousins on my mom's side, and 2 on my dad's side
  6. I've been playing the violin since 3rd grade, and I was recently selected for All County Orchastra
  7. When I was little, and my mom would take me to Wegmans, I called it "cookie" because I knew you could get free cookies there. :-)
I'll tag, um....hmmm, Misha, ummmm.....I think everyone I know has been tagged. Oh, my penpal, Alli (if you're still blogging) and that's it. If you haven't been tagged, just pretend I tagged you, and post. ;-)

I will post another post soon-a video, in German. (the picture is of Daisy and I on Wednesday, or Thursday)


Wanda said...

Those were really cool facts...You are One smart "cookie"!!

I wish I could just do half of the things you can.

I did take violin lessons as a young girl, but didn't follow painting more.

LOL Wanda

Mellimaus said...

I'm not very good at painting-at all! :-P
We all have different gifts from God.

misha said...

Mellimaus, I know that one of your gifts from God is photography! I've looked through the pictures on your blog, and they are really good! Also, that's SO cool that you know German! Did you have to take classes to learn it, or did you just grow up knowing it?

Allen said...

tres bien! Good you posted!

Mellimaus said...

Oh, well with the photography thing, I'll have to hand a lot of credit to Gudl, my mom. She takes most of the pictures, although latly I'm taking some of them, with a little digital. She has a big, complicated camera. :-)
I grew up learning German. When I was born my family had only lived here for about a year, so they were still speaking a lot of German. I learned both languages at the same time. It really helps when learning French in school!

misha said...

Wow! So you know 3 languages! I don't think I'd ever be able to do that! :)

Priscilla said...

Nice list. I remember that my grandfather could speak German. He someimtes would say stuff and sometimes would sing. Most of the time he spoke English...which he could speak perfectly. He was born only a few months after his parents moved here. The first of 10 kids!

I Love Jesus said...

Hi Mellimaus,
Is it hard to speak German and know how to speak English too? I want to be fluent in Russian, but I don't know if that will ever happen.

Mellimaus said...

No, it's not really hard. My mom speaks a mix of German and English at home, so I know it fine. It's not hard to keep track or anything.
I don't speak a lot of German at home, so it's always hard to make myself speak ONLY German when I actually go to Germany. ;-)
It's always my #1 worry.

Linda said...

Cute photo. A girl and her horse. Does it get any better than that? You are a clearly a gifted young lady. Keep on using your many talents for the Great Designer! ;-)


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