Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gifts for All

Hello! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I sure did, and so did Daisy, Gronemeyer, and Genevieve. Lets start with Daisy.
I didn't get Daisy a gift, but yesterday (Christmas Eve) I made her a salad with apples, carrots, grain, and peppermint. I suppose the gift was half from people at school because I have this thing going that if my friends buy an apple with their lunch, and they don't want it, it comes home with me for Daisy to eat! I get around 2-4 apples a day. Good idea, huh? Once I found an apple on the cafeteria ground, and I wanted it for Daisy, but my principal was standing right next to it, so I got into a conversation with the principal about Daisy, and horses, because he watched me pick it up and put it in my lunch box. Anyway, I cut up apples from school, and some carrots that we'd bought for Daisy, and put them in a bowl, and when I got to the barn I mixed a handful of sweet feed into it. Then I put them in her feed bowl, and put two peppermints on top, and gave it to her, in a fresh, clean stall. It was perfect. I love making Daisy happy. Of course, Gronemeyer HAD to come and eat her crumbs (the kittens love the grain). I liked the picture of just her nose. I thought it was cute.
The kittens got a gift in their stocking, too. The first pic is of the two of them, waiting, and looking longingly at their empty stocking. The next ones are of Genevieve playing with the ribbon on the gift, and it looks like she's trying to get it out! I finally helped her, and she found that she got Pounce cat treats! They love them. I opened the can, and she smelled them and dumped them over! I gave them each a couple on plates, and they devoured them. They come running for them now, when they hear the canister shaking.
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P.S. Isn't the picture of Daisy and her tongue funny? You might have seen it already, but I thought I'd share it!


Anonymous said...

What's that line from the hymn and the tv show-- "All creatures great and small..."

Looks like you did gifts for all-- all creatures great and small.

Love the apple on the cafeteria floor story. Merry Christmas to Daisy, Gronemeyer, and Genevieve!

Gudl said...

You did a great job showing how you gave gifts to the animals. You are a great caretaker. I bet the animals in the barn all love you to pieces. I do.

Allen said...

I bet sherman would like that salad too.

Anika said...

That is so nice! The kittens are so cute! So is daisy...haha

Mellimaus said...

SHERMAN eats salad? With fruit and veggies? Abby won't even touch a grape!
The kittens are HUGE compared to when we got them....*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hi Mellimaus!
I just found your blog and I LOVE it!!! I LOVE horses sooo much and I love all of the pictures that you put on too. It is very cool and I look forward to seeing more pictures and reading more stories about Miss. Daisy-Mae. :) My sister has a horse too and he is part Quarter horse too. And one other thing I like the Chestnut Hill books too. Well, BYE!

Priscilla said...

Great gifts for them!

Priscilla said...

I just read the comments. LOL! Sherman will pretty much eat anything!

VICTORIA said...

MMMMMMMM,yummy carrots and peppermints!!


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