Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Little Helper

Hello! I know the last post was about Gronemeyer, too, but oh well. Now you get to see just pictures of him. The first one is of him on the salt block. He sits there a lot while I clean the stall or tack up to go riding and watches me. It's his little castle. The second one is of him outside by a bucket. He looks like he's dancing or something. I think it's really cute. I just love him. He is so joyful. The third picture is of him on the wheel of the wheelbarrow while I'm cleaning. He climbs all over the wheelbarrow like it's a jungle gym or something. The last picture of him is just really cute and clear. My mom took it, and I love it. The picture of Daisy is just of her at the cross ties while I'm tacking up. The last one is of her rear, I know. Every time I go on the road to ride I braid her tail to make her look pretty for the cars that pass us. It's kind of dumb, but I do it anyway. I french braid it, and I'm really good at it, I must say. Anyway, I just wanted to do a little update. My mom is going to Germany tomorrow, so I will post again this week if I can find pictures. She wants to see updates. I will do it for her (and you other bloggers) Pray that she has a safe trip, please, thank you! Good luck mom! Bye!


Rachel said...

Very cute kitty!

You are very good at braiding Daisy's tail! Does it last for a while after you do it?

Anika said...

wow. you are getting better at her tail. it looks really good. Omg! I love how he sits in the salt block and on the wheel. Thant is so cute!

Gudl said...

Melissa, thanks for your thoughts and prayers! You are the best!
The photos you took of Groenemeyer are really cute. He is a sweet little guy and I can tell, he loves you!
Daisy looks great from behind. I could not do such a braid! You are good!
Take care my love.

Mellimouse said...

Thank you everyone. Yes, Rachel, it lasts for awhile, as long as she doesn't roll. I take it out at night, though.
Your welcome mom. Love you!

JO said...

Your little kitty is sooooo cute! Makes me want one really bad!

Daisy Mae's Tail looks beautiful! You are a really good braider...

I am sure your Mom will miss you lots - I will say a prayer for her safe return.

Check out the pic I posted of Tumbleweed's Halloween Costume... :)

Anonymous said...

I can`t believe Groenemeyer disappeard!
Greetings from Germany, Mom

Anika said...

he's gone! I can not believe it. :-(


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