Thursday, July 26, 2007

Little Injury Pics.

This is the injury. She cut the bottom of her hoof at a very sensitive part called the frog, probably with a piece of glass on the road or a very sharp stone. A friend of ours came and helped us fix her up. Thank you! She is doing MUCH better. She still limps a little if she trots, but by next week I plan on riding again! We had to soak it in the salt, dry it, but antibiotic cream on it, and tape it. I still soak it every day. Luckily, it is already re-growing in some places. Anyway, these pictures are a little late, but you see something of it.


Anika said...

Where is that first picture taken? I hope she gets better soon!

Mellimouse said...

It was taken on the left side of the garage, in her pasture, just before the woods start.....Luckily, she is getting better. Slowly, but steadily!


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