Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Equine Visitor

Shania and her mommy (her blog is here) came and visited a few weekends ago. Daisy was very excited to see another horse and went trotting and prancing with her ears up to Shania. The sniffed noses, let out a squeal, and off we went. Daisy liked the short visit very much, and can't wait for the next one :-).


ROro said...

Hi Mellimouse! I just found out about this blog. And I want to congratulate you again for being the owner of such a beautiful horse. It really does make me jealous. Too bad a horse wouldn't feel comfortable in Berlin.;o)
And I know how much work it must be having a horse. Again, I think it is great that you got her now.

mellimouse said...

Thanks for visiting roro! Yes, I am very happy to have Daisy. She makes me so happy. If only they would like Berlin! :-)

....and yes, a horse is a lot of work [but I don't mind] =)

victoria said...

You guys look great together!


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